14.906 Acres

BOULDER TERRACE is nestled on a natural terrace that lies within a moss covered rock outcropping to the west. It benefits from the privacy and seclusion provided by the geography as well as the exceptionally unique landscape of boulders, rocks and a gentle rock ridge springing from the eastern side.

Offering price: $469,000

6.703 Acres

EAST RIDGE is located along the eastern ridge of Campion Farms. The home site takes advantage of the privacy and the east / south-east exposure provided by the site’s slope down to the Mohawk Brook, which flows south into the Housatonic River.

Offering price: $269,000

11.511 Acres

STONE WALL MEADOW overlooks a meadow landscape with over 1,500 feet of original Campion Farms stone walls, intersecting and layering the picturesque landscape. The meadow affords a southerly view, revealing the sites gentle topography in a private setting.

Offering price: $449,000

7.099 Acres

THE GLADE is nested between two gentle, fern-filled, wooded slopes to the east and west of the site. A spacious meadow, with an intimate connection to wooded shade, is filled with bright southern light.

Offering price: $279,000

8.349 Acres

MOSS RIDGE sits in a flat meadow terrain. To the east, a parklike tree-covered ridge slopes down a forested embankment. To the west, the land slopes up and is blanketed by moss covered rocks. The house site is situated in a bright, central location between these two major features and is flanked by original stone walls and a distant southerly view.

Offering price: $389,000

10.503 Acres

SOUTHERN GLADE is sited with southern views towards the Berkshire mountain range. Punctuated by original stone walls, the house site overlooks a large open meadow to the southeastern portion of the site.

Offering price: $359,000

5.006 Acres

STACKED BOULDERS rises above Campion Farms Road, within a clearing lined by naturally situated boulders. The rock feature defines an edge to the southeastern side of the clearing, and ferns and mature trees fill the space between the boulders. To the southeast, views unfold of the Berkshire mountains.

Offering price: $294,000

12.741 Acres

WESTERN BLUFF is located along the northwestern top ridge at Campion Farms. The house site enjoys an intimate relationship with the picturesque rock bluff adjacent to its western edge. The southeastern side opens up to generous sun exposure and views of the Berkshire Mountains.

Offering price $449,000

20.234 Acres

THE LEDGES is located on a naturally occurring terrace along the westerly ridge of Campion Farms. The lot is edged on the west by a long wooded bluff, rising dramatically up to the ridge. Views unfold to the east and the south across the Berkshire Mountains.

Offering price $529,000


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